September 2015

120 river conservationists from 18 countries at the Balkan Rivers Days

During the past weekend, Belgrade became the center of European river conservationists and dam opponents. From September 25th-27th, 120 people from 18 countries discussed how to stop the dam tsunami in the Balkans and in other regions in Europe.

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Campaign brochure now available!

Download our campaign brochure and enjoy stunning photos and insightful information. DOWNLOAD HERE

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Update of HPPs on the Balkan Rivers now available!

In a follow-up study of the initial "Hydromorphological Status and Dam Projects" study from 2012 (U. Schwarz), we included small hydropower plants as well, when previously only those over 1 MW were recorded. A total of 2,683 future hydropower projects have been recorded on the Balkan Peninsula.  Additionally, 714 existing dams were found in this region.

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