March 2016

Invitation: Balkan Rivers Tour, April 16 - May 20

We would like to invite to you to a very unusual protest action: led by former Slovenian Olympic athlete Rok Rozmankayakers from all over Europe will paddle the most stunning Balkan rivers between April 16 and May 20. The so-called “Balkan Rivers Tour” is an activity against the dam tsunami which is threatening to destroy the unique river landscape on the Balkan Peninsula.

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The Balkan River Story on Patagonia's blog

The famous outdoor outfitter Patagonia has just published an article about the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign on their global blog “The Cleanest Line”: 

Save the Blue Heart of Europe: The Balkan Rivers story

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Energy provider Verbund AG: Too much electricity in Europe – not the time for new hydropower plants

Europe’s biggest hydropower corporation, the Austrian Verbund AG, is complaining about too much electricity on the European market. Verbund Chairman Anzengruber says: “It is not the time for extensive new projects in the power plant sector over the next few years. That would not be clever in a time with too much energy”

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