Crowdfunding: Let’s make Kutë GO Solar!

We need your help: Threatened in their livelihood by a proposed dam on the Vjosa, the village of Kutë in Albania – one of the most sun-kissed countries in Europe – wants to show that the destruction of Europe’s last wild river is not even necessary. They can produce their own energy on their roofs, creating more income for the community.

“Let’s make Kute GO Solar” aims to bring clean and sustainable solar energy to the village of Kutë, making it energy self-sufficient by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the five main state-owned building. In order to realize this project, we need to raise 48,000 € in this crowdfunding campaign

Kutë village is one of the most affected areas by the planned Poçem hydropower in the Vjosa valley. If the hydropower is built, Kutë would suffer from a devastating economic situation due to the flooding of over 2,500 ha of agricultural land and subsequent displacement of local people. In the last few years this village has become emblematic, linked with the resistance against the construction of the dam.

Within the "Save the Blue Heart of Europe" campaign, EcoAlbania together with EuroNatur and Riverwatch support the Kutë Community im fighting to save their homes, their river, and land that define. The Solar project gives them the voice to tell the world what is happening in their backyards and at the same time provides evidence, that the last big wild river of Europe doesn't need to be destroyed, butchered for energy.


The villagers of Kutë are passionate in their resistance against the proposed dam. They don’t want to see their land – inherited by their ancestors and borrowed from their offspring – to be drowned in a dam reservoir. © EcoAlbania