Join us at a Blue Heart screening near you!


The Blue Heart premiere is only 3 days away! Are you coming?

Find below those screenings at which you can meet Blue Heart team members

Konjic / Idbar Dam: April 28 at 8 pm - free entry

Zagreb / Nikola Šubić Zrinski / Park Zrinjevac: May 1 at 8 pm - free entry

Belgrade  /Nebojsa Tower: May 3 at 8 pm - free entry

Rome / Cinema Europa: May 4 at 8 pm - Tickets 5 EUR 

Skopje / Skopje City Park - The Shell Skopje: May 5 at 7 pm - free entry

Albanian Tour:

Tirana: May 6 at 7 pm - free entry

Kutë: May 7 - free entry

Përmeti: May 8 - free entry

Tepelena: May 9 - free entry

Anevjose-Qesarat: May 11 - free entry

Selenica: May 12 - free entry

Shkodra: May 14 - free entry


Find all screenings in all locations around the world HERE


This new documentary “Blue Heart” follows our campaign and other, local stakeholders through the Balkans to document the crime committed on Europe’s last river jewels and on communities who live by them. Watch the trailer!