New initiative: Stop HPP Mokrice - NE JEZimo SAVE

The Sava is one of the most interesting and complex rivers in Europe and the longest river in Slovenia. The ecological significance of the Sava and its floodplains is reflected in the considerable number and size of the protected areas.

However, twelve new hydropower projects are planned on the Sava in Slovenia alone, which would transform the entire river into a chain of dams.

A new local initiative is taking action against the planned HPP Mokrice. “NE JEZimo SAVE  - Stop HPP Mokrice” aims at providing locals with facts and information about the project and the negative impacts of hydropower on ecosystems in generally; to stand up against the irreversible destruction of the river at their doorstep.

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Closed Bridge over Sava near HPP Brežice © Neja Molan